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Security personnel are always required to operate on the move and must be adept at handling the various set of challenges associated with all terrains and locations. They should swiftly respond to threats and be capable of performing tough missions during joint operations. Al Qalaa provides comprehensive training programmes to help security workforces upgrade their skillset.

Leveraging state-of-the-art training equipment, our carefully designed training programmes are flexible to adapt to a diverse range of defence personnel– beginners, intermediates and professionals. Our specialists understand the knowledge and training required for various task forces and can aptly guide them in acquiring the needed skills.

Our wide range of training programmes is availed by policemen, security guards, private security company officials, drivers transporting invaluable items/money, and also other instructors.

Our services include

  1. Tactical Vehicle Driving Courses
  2. Technical Surveillance Electronic Countermeasures Training
  3. CQB Training
  4. Field First-Aid Courses
  5. Train the Trainer Courses
  6. Health and Safety Courses for Security Personnel
  7. Homeland Security Training Programs - Restricted Courses to Military and Police

Other Services

  • Risk Assessment & Management

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  • Designing Services

    Training fields designed at the quickest turnaround time Al Qalaa specializes in designing, supervising, and implementing a wide range of...

  • Consultancy Services

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