Get highly qualified advice on the best security measures

Our experts are always here to help, irrespective of what your requirements are. Our vast cross-industry expertise enables us to assess your site, detect gaps in defence mechanisms, and offer the best possible solutions to mitigate all threats. Our team of technical experts are highly qualified and possess a wide range of defence and security capabilities. We help you allocate resources to high-priority areas and avoid any unnecessary expenditure.

Our services include

  1. Consultation in securing sensitive sites
  2. Consultation in securing events and activities
  3. Consultation in managing operations of shopping malls, hotels, banks
  4. Consultation in the selection of the most appropriate technical and tactical solutions for your organisation
  5. Protect sensitive and critical infrastructure from unmanned aerial vehicles.

Other Services

  • Training

    Hone special skills with expert training Security personnel are always required to operate on the move and must be adept...

  • Risk Assessment & Management

    Use strategic approaches to eliminate threats In an unpredictable environment, we want to help our clients stay alert of any...

  • Designing Services

    Training fields designed at the turnaround time Al Qalaa specializes in designing, supervising, and implementing a wide range of training...

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