Training fields designed at the quickest turnaround time

Al Qalaa specialises in designing, supervising and implementing a wide range of training fields in a quick turnaround time. We engage trainees in rigorous training through live shooting and simulation fields. Our capabilities include creating specs, independent testing and supervising the specifications of our training fields. Our seasoned professionals have a rich experience in training security guards across a wide range of industries. We design programmes to adapt to the needs and requirements of the trainees while reducing costs and complexities.

Our services include

  1. Designing of indoor and outdoor shooting fields (open or indoor field)
  2. Designing combat training facilities and fields for populated or uninhabited areas
  3. Designing on-demand training programmes
  4. Design training facilities for various security specialities

Other Services

  • Risk Assessment And Management

    Detect flaws in your security system with our thorough site risk assessment

  • Training

    We provide tactical vehicle driving courses, field first-aid courses, trainer-specific programmes and so much more

  • Consultancy Services

    Our experts can recommend the best ways you can step up your security

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